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We collaborate with creators, partners & brands to produce the most spectacular interactive and spatial experiences.

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At Wevr, our creative and technical teams work together with interactive creators and brands. We aim to elevate their production vision, co-create digital apps and construct interactive experiences using real-time 3D game engines like Unreal and Unity. These experiences are designed for XR headsets including Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest3 and HTC Vive XR Elite, mobile/PC and game consoles, Metaverse worlds, and location-based destinations.


Watch science fiction become reality

Wevr and our community of interactive creators share stories—from the metaverse, on Unity and Unreal game engines, and beyond.

What is a virtual studio?
January 4, 2023
The term “virtual” is increasingly used today to describe all things digital versus physical, especially since Covid. We have virtual meetings, virtual events, virtual machines in the cloud, and of course virtual reality. The definition of “studio” is “an artist’s workroom”. The word “studio” is typically used to describe a creative space, as in a music recording studio or a film production studio.
TheBlu Refresh
December 29, 2022
Sharks are way cool. They are incredible creatures, some of the oldest on planet earth. Why do we think it is ok to chop off their fins, and kill them en masse? (The recent U.S banning of shark fin sales is a step in the right direction).
TheBlu 10 Years Later- A blueprint for the Metaverse
May 20, 2022
This month, May 2022, Wevr’s iconic experience TheBlu celebrates its 10-year birthday, a wonderful feat of creativity, and a journey that is far from over.
The mixed messaging of mixed reality

January 13, 2023

This feeling is the height of virtual reality
Wevr Virtual Studio helps devs make next-generation games

October 21, 2022

Wevr has made stellar virtual reality games like the ocean simulation TheBlu. And now it is expanding to make Virtual Studio, a cloud-based platform to help people make next-generation games.
The DeanBeat: GamesBeat Summit Next 2022’s packed agenda

October 21, 2022

We’ve got a wide selection of compelling speakers. Whatever you want, we’ve got a session for you and a network of gaming leaders like no other.
Accio Unreal Engine: The making of New York’s Harry Potter VR experiences

April 12, 2022

Imagine waking up to a letter from Hogwarts. Soon, you’ll be swapping your normal life for a world where you’ll cast spells, ride brooms, and meet magical creatures galore.
Wevr Joins Academy Software Foundation as General Member

February 23, 2022

Today the Academy Software Foundation, the premier organization for advancing open source software development across the media and motion picture industries, announces the addition of Wevr as its newest general member. The Academy Software Foundation now counts 32 members working together to strengthen open source tools development and align on open industry standards.
A Stream Come True: AT&T, Ericsson and Wevr Deliver First Location-Based VR Experience on 5G

October 28, 2021

Using NVIDIA CloudXR and technologies from Dell, Dreamscape Immersive, Qualcomm and VMware, a fictional world comes to life in a stunning immersive experience.
Immerse yourself in two brand new wizarding virtual reality experiences at the Harry Potter flagship store New York

July 7, 2021

Harry Potter fans can now become part of the adventure – as two new virtual reality experiences, based on the original Harry Potter stories by J.K. Rowling, are launched at the Harry Potter flagship store in New York.
Jon Favreau and Wevr create emotional connections with VR game Gnomes & Goblins

January 7, 2021

When visionary film director Jon Favreau saw the award-winning VR ocean experience theBlu, he was inspired to create his own VR project, Gnomes & Goblins. To pull it off, he turned to director of TheBlu Jake Rowell to act as Director and Executive Producer, and to interactive software studio Wevr, co-founded by CEO Neville Spiteri.

Introducing Wevr Virtual Studio

Creators in action

The WVS community brings together devs, artists, and producers to share interactive projects that are shaping the future.

Michael Mandel

Founder, Puddle

“WVS is saving us engineering costs and time, and making our lives easier every day.”

Daniel Connery

Studio Head, Quixotic Cloud Games

"It's awesome having our remote dev team working together as a virtual studio through WVS.”