The Blu

The next decade of TheBlu

TheBlu is already 10 years in the making and we couldn’t be more excited about the 10 years ahead. We are now collaborating with artists and developers globally to expand TheBlu with new awe-inspiring habitats and species encounters. We are bringing TheBlu to new devices and formats including Apple Vision Pro and new venues. If interested, please contact us to learn more.

An ocean of adventure

Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean and come face to face with the most awe inspiring species on the planet.

TheBlu is an award winning immersive experience recognized as one of the most iconic VR titles to date. Wevr’s first original production, theBlu has earned collaborations with Dr. Sylvia Earle, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and others. TheBlu is available as an in-home product and at select venue locations.

The Blu: Deep Rescue

Venture with your friends deep into the iridescent undersea world on an extraordinary mission to rescue endangered blue whales. Join groups of up to six people at a time on an exhilarating journey.

Executive Producer: Neville Spiteri
Director: Jake Rowell

theBlu: Season 1

Enjoy one of the most iconic and popular VR experiences to date.

Wevr’s “theBlu:Season 1” is a deeply immersive experience designed as a series of beautiful underwater moments in passing, a collection of memories, that powerfully taps into the unique potential of VR.The debut episode “Whale Encounter”, featuring an incredible close encounter with a blue whale the largest creature on the planet, is recognized as one of the most iconic and popular VR experiences to date (a Sundance Film Festival 2016 selection). Additional episodes include Reef Migration - taking you to a teeming coral reef, and Luminous Abyss - plunging you to the very deepest regions of the ocean.theBlu: Season 1 is directed by Jake Rowell (Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Superman Returns) and Executive Produced by Neville Spiteri (CEO, Wevr).