It takes a community of creative misfits and engineers to create the future.

We believe virtual reality has the power to alter people’s lives more than any other medium to date. Its immersiveness has the potential to deliver memories that stick. As a result there is a remarkable opportunity for new kinds of storytelling and experiences. Every day Wevr pushes the boundaries of VR both technologically and artistically, bear-hugging independent creatives from different disciplines as we produce and distribute groundbreaking content together.

We think one of the most effective ways we can serve this nascent medium is to create community—to provide a platform for VR creatives to showcase their work, grow an audience, and encourage a dialogue between the two. We are doing this with Wevr Transport™, an independent, curated network where brave VR can be shared, experienced and celebrated, on all headsets, worldwide.

We see a monumental opportunity ahead to inspire and win over the greatest storytellers of our time by providing them with a platform to tell their stories and engage audiences in a very big way. We believe ourselves truly fortunate to be faced with this amazing confluence of art and technology, its future unwritten, potential unlimited.

Meet the people who believe


  • Neville Spiteri

    CoFounder/CEO @nevillespiteri

  • Anthony Batt


  • Scott Yara


  • Marcel Samek


  • Kevin Younce


  • Leo Spiegel

    Board Member

  • Jake Rowell

    Head of Interactive


  • Joichi Ito

    Director MIT Media Lab, Board Member Sony, NYT

  • Scott McNealy

    CEO Sun Microsystems

  • Jerry Yang

    Founder Yahoo, Founder AME