May 31, 2024
Case Study

Client: Paul Allen & Vulcan

Project: Holodome

Executive Creative Director: Anthony Batt 
Creative Director & Director: Luis Blackaller

Paul Allen, the late Microsoft co-founder, initiated the Holodome project as part of his broader interest in pushing the boundaries of technology and experience. The Holodome aimed to create a shared, immersive reality experience that would transport users to different environments without the need for VR headsets. Wevr, led by Anthony Batt and Luis Blackaller, was tasked with bringing Allen's vision to life.

Project Highlights:

Wevr's Leadership:

  • Anthony Batt and Luis Blackaller created a fully functional version of the Holodome in Wevr's Venice Beach studio
  • Transformed the first floor of the Wevr studio into a top-secret lab for creative production and technical testing under close observation of Paul Allen and his team
  • Spent two years creating immersive content for Paul Allen, ranging from video to interactive multi-person games
  • Developed a creator community and program for creators to develop projects for Holodome
  • Co-create interactive and cinema based content projects directory for Paul Allen and Vulcan executive team

Creative Development:

  • Created "Dark Planet," which was presented at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, WA. This project was directed by Luis Blackaller.   This project was developed and produced by Anthony Batt.
  • Prepared product launch at TED in Vancouver

Community Building:

  • Organized a series of creative labs over a two year time period with the UCLA Design Media Arts program and individual design partners
  • Designed a program for creators with Holodome development time to test and present their projects

Technology and Experience:

  • Combined high-resolution video and sound inside a dome-like structure
  • Eliminated the need for VR headsets, creating a shared immersive experience
  • Heavy use of Unity game engine

Wevr's involvement in the Holodome project showcases the company's ability to bring innovative visions to life through creative development, technical expertise, and collaboration with educational institutions. Under the leadership of Anthony Batt and Luis Blackaller, Wevr successfully transformed Paul Allen's idea into a functional, immersive reality experience that pushed the boundaries of technology and storytelling.