Run The Jewels
May 31, 2024
Case Study

Project: Run The Jewels - Immersive Video

Executive Creative Director: Anthony Batt 

Producers: Anthony Batt, Luis Blackaller, 

Director: Peter Martin

Case Study: Bringing Run The Jewels into the World of Virtual Reality

Anthony Batt, producer and creative director at Wevr, has  always been fascinated by the potential of virtual reality (VR) as a medium for artistic expression. When I realized that the groundbreaking hip-hop duo Run The Jewels was at the forefront of the current cultural shift, using their music as a powerful tool for social commentary and protest, I knew we had to bring their message into the realm of immersive storytelling.

My goal was to create a compelling VR music experience that would showcase Run The Jewels' unique storytelling abilities, resonate with their dedicated fan base, and push the boundaries of VR as a medium for artistic expression. More importantly I wanted to put the RTJ fan as close to Killer Mike and El-P as possible.   My creative goal with immersive storytelling was making the viewer have way more feels than other mediums.

I reached out to Run The Jewels' management team Amaechi Uzoigwe and Will Bronson and discovered that they were fully supportive of the duo's uncompromising vision. In collaboration with director Peter Martin, we selected the song "Crown" for the VR experience. "Crown" features deeply personal narratives from both Killer Mike and El-P, touching on the consequences of street life and military indoctrination. Together, we worked tirelessly to develop a visually striking and emotionally engaging VR experience that complemented the song's powerful themes.

The Run The Jewels VR experience has been met with critical acclaim, with The New York Times featuring it in their Sunday Magazine and designating it as a musical and technological turning point. The project successfully merged the raw energy and social commentary of Run The Jewels' music with the immersive capabilities of VR, creating a groundbreaking and thought-provoking experience.

Key Takeaways:

  1. As a creative director, I believe in the importance of collaboration between artists, directors, and technology experts when creating impactful VR experiences.
  2. Selecting the right content, such as Run The Jewels' "Crown," is crucial for creating a meaningful and resonant VR experience.