Funding News
June 27, 2024

Expanding Creative Production Studio

At Wevr, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of interactive and spatial experiences. Over the past decade, our pioneering work in extended reality (XR) has allowed us to blend cutting-edge technology with creative ingenuity, delivering immersive content that captivates and engages audiences worldwide. From our seminal VR title TheBlu to collaborations with major brands and renowned figures in the entertainment industry, our innovative projects have set the standard for immersive experiences.

On June 5, 2024, we proudly announced a $3.5 million investment from HTC Corp. and Epic Games, both of whom have been our steadfast supporters since the beginning. This significant funding will enable us to expand our creative studio capacity to super serve real-time 3D, interactive and spatial productions. With the rapid advancements in spatial computing and new headset technologies, the demand for creative, location based immersive experiences has never been greater. We are thrilled to lead this new wave of spatial content creation, confident in our ability to shape the future of immersive experiences and deliver unparalleled value to brands and audiences worldwide.



Wevr raises $3.5M for spatial computing and game production


HTC VIVE and Epic Games Announce New Investment in Wevr for Cutting-Edge VR Brand Experiences