New Works Explore Sensory Manipulation in Art and Storytelling

Last month we spent time at the Tribeca Film Festival where we premiered Arjan van Meerten’s darkly beautiful simulation Apex. While there, we had the privilege of checking a lot of the other experiences in Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade We were genuinely inspired by the creative innovation we saw and the immensely talented creators we met. To paraphrase H. G. Wells, it was “the shape of things to come.

Loren Hammonds:

Tribeca Film Festival curator.

An interview with visionary Tribeca curator Loren Hammonds on the rooftop of the festival interrupted by the occasional overhead helicopter . We discuss the evolution of VR at the festival, what artistic trends he finds fascinating, and what the envisions for the future of the medium.

"I wanted to make sure that we celebrated people that are making fully realized experiences as opposed to something that feels more like a demonstration."
"The ways that these creators are presenting these stories they are actually building emotional connections."

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