theBlu VR

TheBlu VR transports you into a gorgeous virtual reality experience that’s not only interesting and fun, but educational. How? By allowing you to live among sea creatures as they actually are, in their own habitat.

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With various sea creatures swimming around your head, wearing the VR headset feels like wearing a pair of scuba goggles with added calming voiceover that guides you through the dream-like majesty of marine life. The stunning 3D graphics bring excitement to the fully immersive underwater journey of the TheBlu VR, whether you’re hanging out with orcas in the Arctic, chilling with dolphins near the beach, or staring into the eyes of an enormous blue whale.

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Executive Producer: Neville Spiteri
Director: Ben Miller
Producer: Max Geiger
Animation Director: Andy Jones
Engineer: Scott Reeser
Design Engineer: Ben Vance
Visual Engineer: Eyal Erez
Game Designer: Scott Stephan
Audio Composer: Kevin Brough
Technical Artist: Abril Martinez
Technical Artist: Michael Annetta

Available in the Oculus Store

Supported platforms
Samsung Gear VR