TheBlu: Encounter

TheBlu: Encounter transports you into a gorgeous virtual reality ocean experience to have a close encounter with the largest creature on the planet. Imagine what it is like coming face-to-face with an 80-foot blue whale, whose eye ball is almost the size of your entire face. An experience which feels real, but clearly couldn’t possibly be so, with a sense of uncanny scale and unexpected empathy. 


Wevr signed on independent director Jake Rowell, formerly of Call of Duty and Superman movie, to develop the experience, together with Andy Jones, avatar animation director and Wevr’s team of VR experts. It was no small feat balancing all the visual, audio and interactive systems on a tight schedule – the geometry detail of the whale and species, the shipwreck and environment, the ocean visual fx, dynamic lighting with shadows, texture and shader detail, keeping draw calls in check and consistently running at 90fps stereo. The result is breathtaking example of the power of the feeling of presence afforded by VR.

Daniel O’Brien, Head of VR at HTC: “TheBlu: Encounter is a top notch room scale VR experience that demonstrates the richness, fidelity and experiential possibilities of Steam VR + the HTC Vive. Wevr’s Academy Award™ winning team have delivered a truly awe-inspiring experience, and we are very excited about our collaboration going forward”.


Director/Art Director: Jake Rowell
Animation Director: Andy Jones
Design Engineer: Ben Vance
Visual Engineer: Eyal Erez
Visual Engineer: Julian Kantor
Game Designer: Scott Stephan
Senior Artist: Nghia Lam
Technical Artist: Abril Martinez
Animator: Daniel Fiske
Audio Composer: Kevin Brough
Engineering Support: Scott Reeser
Production/Design Support: Ben Miller
Senior Producer: Max Geiger
Executive Producer: Neville Spiteri
Special Thanks: Valve, HTC, Wevr cofounders Neville Spiteri, Scott Yara, Anthony Batt

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Supported Platforms:

HTC Vive