We believe in our VR community ceaselessly.

We are currently seeking top talent. You will have the opportunity to join Wevr’s top caliber team in LA developing next-generation room-scale interactive immersive experiences. Reach out to us if you believe any of these roles are a good fit for you:

  • – Animation Lead
  • – Senior Artist
  • – Community manager

Right this second, an amateur enthusiast is sitting on the couch, casually reading about VR on the internet. Tomorrow, that amateur enthusiast could become the Christopher Nolan of VR. In essence, that is what Wevr stands for: our ceaseless belief in the VR community, our love for immersive storytelling, and our productive optimism in its future. That combination of values allows us to consistently facilitate the creation of something new.

Welcome to Wevr — Together we will create a whole new medium of entertainment.



There is an amazing thing about working here, in that everyone is smarter than you in some way, which is incredibly valuable. Not a single day goes by that I haven’t learned something new. Even about things that I thought I already knew. It’s really great to work on a team close to each other, and have a cross-pollination going on all the time. — Scott Stephan, TheBlu team.