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Wevr Transport is an independent virtual reality network for exceptional creators and extraordinary simulations.

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  • Playback, rendering, and positional audio

    Highest performance video playback and CG rendering interoperable across all headsets. Support for both standard surround sound and true positional audio where individual sound sources can be placed in a 3D environment

  • Simple VR content publishing

    Simple publishing for game-engine based apps, 360 video as well as web-based VR experiences, a home and community for all VR creatives.

  • Private file sharing and managed downloads

    Share designated content securely with whoever you want, whenever you want, on IOS, Android and PC. Manage your downloads across devices.

  • Stats and analytics dashboard

    Analytics for unique customer insights, associations and opportunities. Continuous viewer centric monitoring. Marketing intelligence to analyze, discover and act on viewer data

  • Open VR media file format for interactive video and CG

    Real-time blending of multiple video streams and interactive CG elements. Supports story triggers to enable multiple viewpoints on a universal timeline or story branching. All based on an open source media file format.

  • We love our creators

    • "The exciting thing about the space is that it's so new that we're still having a conversation about things that haven't been done."

      Janicza Bravo

      Director, Hard World for Small Things

    • "Irrantional Exuberance is about the feeling of myster, wonder and awe. You start as a little speck out in space."

      Ben Vance

      Creator, Irrational Exuberance

    • "Everything I did on this project was just reaching down and trying to pull out the ridiculous joyous feeling that comes from within."

      Tyler Hurd

      Creator, Old Friend

    • "It's a chance to experiment with new ways of storytelliing and to connect with the audience on a very personal level."

      Jake Rowell

      Director, theBlu: Encounter

    • "You're not as much of a director as an experience curator."

      Benjamin Dickinson

      Director, WAVES